Verivide - Light Box

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Brand: Verivide

Origin: UK

High-quality visual evaluation tool for quality assurance. Adhering to national, international and retailer standards.

Colour Assessment Cabinet’s (CACs) reduce challenges associated with assessing products or samples in different environments, be though geological or seasonal, offering a cost-effective method to ensure visual accuracy and product quality.


  • CACs come in 3 widths of light boxes: 60, 120 and 150cm.
  • Convenient and easy electronic control panel that incorporates user-friendly features like servicing indicator for lamp replacement, auto sequence, warm-up, power save and data storage.
  • 4 or 5 light sources available for each model which conform to ISO/ CIE standards, including D65, D50, 840P15, F and UV. Check the Lamp options.
  • Dimmable option of CAC is available to adjust the brightness if you require a variable intensity of light.
  • Internal finishes are paint in Munsell N5, Munsell N7 or Grey 5574.
  • Diffuser and/or angle tables are available to assess accurately colour of paints, glass, polished surfaces and ceramics.

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